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Application Maintenance Services


Organizations spend a considerable amount of IT budget in maintaining several bespoke applications built over a period of time. Today these applications have grown by several times in size with added functionalities and exceptions leading to higher costs to run the business. Business demands are continuously changing, with continuous emergence of newer competitors in the industry. IT Organization has to find opportunities to optimize or reduce these sunk costs and utilize the savings to strategic initiatives to help them keep up to the time-to-market demands.

We at Cliecon are well positioned to provide continuous maintenance and support with consistent quality at a lower cost. Cliecon has well defined robust processes and application maintenance methodology in place to provide on-going support. Cliecon has the capability to ramp-up a whole team to transition the maintenance activities or provide support resources that are technically sound and also possess relevant domain experience.

Our capabilities include,





Service Support Capabilities

Handle trouble-tickets effectively and efficiently while adhering to SLAs as negotiated and agreed with business. Includes tasks such as,

  • Service Desk management
  • Incident Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Release Management
  • Enhance / Create Application Documentation
  • Moving from Reactive to proactive maintenance activities

    Better Organized Services

    Cost Effectiveness

    Improved maintenance cycles

    Opportunity to IT organizations to align with business

    Ability to plan transformation of applications, if needed

    Improved productivity at reduced costs.

    Sustaining Support Capabilities

    Accommodate minor and critical projects that are quick hits of performance improvements while providing support services. Include tasks such as,

  • Performance Enhancements
  • Root Case Analysis
  • Upgrading Job Schedules
  • Retiring
  • Trouble Shooting

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