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Staffing Services


Cliecon has a strong hold on meeting IT needs Cliecon can assist sourcing needs for a single individual or a complete team for a project from legacy needs to e-commerce requirements. Cliecon views every single individual as an asset to the organization. Cliecon believes that a successful profile is an individual that brings experience, knowledge, skills, and personal attributes along with positive attitude to the job and is one who works for the success of self, customers and organization.

Cliecon strives to ensure that our resources are the first choice of our customers. Our unique sourcing approach ensures higher customer satisfaction. Our four step approach is

  • 1. Recruitment /Hiring
  • 2. Performance Assessment
  • 3. Talent Assessment
  • 4. Profile Ranking
    staffing services

    1. Recruitment / Hiring

                Cliecon HR team scans profiles and only selects candidates that have potential and can fit to the Cliecon culture. Our strong HR team has tremendous experience in interviewing the consultants both technically and assessing organization fit personal attributes.


    2. Performance Assessment

                This phase is performed to ensure and understand the experience and the career interests of the candidates. This is an important phase for Cliecon since we can provide a right opportunity as well as help the candidature obtain his career goals.


    3. Talent Assessment

                Talent Assessment is a phase to ensure that the candidate is rightly enhancing his skills in a given technology. Should he/she needs additional training to deliver Cliecon is glad to support. Additionally Cliecon stresses all its employees to be cross trained and be business domain savvy too.


    4. Profile Ranking

                As a last phase and continuously improving the quality of service, Cliecon updates the HR database with the “ranking” that is based on the feedback from the customers, peers and organization.

    Depending on the IT needs of our customers, Cliecon provides the highest ranked employee thereby ensuring a First Time Right Profile to our clients.


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