Cloud Solutions and Support


Cliecon is the ‘go to’ solutions provider for cloud-based software.

Optimize your business with Cliecon’s assured management and support of cloud-based apps, architecture and infrastructure. If your team is fully occupied, isn't able to support your cloud-based apps and infrastructure, you can turn to Cliecon’s trusted expertise in handling cloud-based tools.

You can rely on Cliecon’s quick and seamless resolutions for all your cloud-based issues.

  • AWS DevOps

    Utilize the best practices of DevOps and the automation designs of AWS to foster transformation and agility of IT

  • AWS Migration

    Most effective AWA practices and automation to aid your teams’ migration and infrastructure management.

  • Cloud Services

    Efficient solutions to tackle challenges effectively.

  • Cloud Migration

    Shift your data to the cloud and reap benefits in terms of speed, agility and flexible capacity

  • Control Costs

    Bring down instances that call for new data centers by augmenting efficiency of your computing environment

  • Continuous Delivery

    Create ‘ready-to-deploy’ software and achieve speed in delivering products to your clients

  • Continuous Integration

    Identify and resolve issues right in the initial stages of the process to mitigate risk.

  • Reduce Risk

    Utilize our competence and experience optimally to deploy your cloud computing services successfully.

Our Cloud Support Services
  • Application Cloud Support

    It takes knowledgeable and highly skilled consultants to deal with various issues that may arise in cloud-based applications. The multi-faceted administration aspects of cloud-based software need assistance of equally versatile specialists. The kind of specialists Cliecon houses.

    For instance, for Office 365, which has several applications in a single suit sharing the same platform, issues might arise in any application at any point in time. Contexts such as this require ongoing monitoring and consistent end-user support to ensure its efficient run. This need can be adequately filled by Cliecon.

  • Infrastructure Cloud Support

    Remotely hosted infrastructure in the cloud still needs the bolstering of active support. This wouldn’t be a key concern if you opt for our services to monitor the performance of the virtual system and respond upon receiving an alert.

    We are equipped to:
    • Provide answers, responses and guidance

    • Help with operating systems and databases

    • Monitor regularly

    • Deal with backups and restores

  • Office 365 Support
    Our Office 365 support comes with:
    • Assistance in optimizing and training users to help you maximize your investment.

    • Configuration of the product to match your specifications.

    • Troubleshooting of implementation and/or post-migration issues Password resets and administering user-accounts.

    • Active promotion for adoption of product.

    • Promoting adoption of the product

    • Help with Office 365’s implementation to allow smooth transition.

    • Ensuring maximum uptime and minimal disruptions of productivity and workflow.

  • Efficiency in the Cloud

    The experienced teams at Cliecon extend their expertise on all the IT IMAC needs (the Installs, moves, additions and changes), in case such needs arise and quick cloud-computing support is called for, to ensure efficient and smooth running of the cloud IT environment.


Our Customers, Our Success

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